January 20, 2017

Is There A Cure For Autism?

Raun Kaufman

In 1976, a ground-breaking book was published about an autistic child who was cured of his autism.  Prior to that time, autism was thought to be an incurable disease.  Raun Kaufman disproved the theory, whose own son triumphed over autism.

However, even today when parents are told that they have a child with autism they are almost always told that there is no cure.  In fact, if a person diagnosed with autism improves, then most doctors still assume the diagnosis was wrong in the first place.  But in a world where we regularly heal leprosy, cause the blind to see, the lame to walk and the deaf to hear, I think it is not very realistic to call anything “incurable.”  We are beginning to understand that “incurable” just means “ignorant.”  If we understand a disease, then we can cure it.


Autism is not a disease with a cause; it is simply a collection of symptoms.  People who are diagnosed with autism meet certain criteria that include:

  1. Problems with social interaction, such as a lack of eye contact or not acknowledging others.
  2. Language delays, such as speaking, reading or writing.
  3. Repetitive behaviors, such as spinning things, flapping hands, or balancing things.


Like every other part of the body, the brain has stages of development.  If there is an insult during a certain stage, the function that would normally take place doesn’t happen and there is a resulting deficit.  In autism, the insult to the developing brain seems to happen anywhere from the womb to early childhood.  Those things that are thought to cause this disturbance are many, some of which include:

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