January 23, 2017

Diet For Cats: Raw Foods

Feeding Cats a Diet of Whole Raw Foods Based on Nature’s Model

A Cat is a Cat is a Cat

Hunting is natural behavior in cats. I have a cat that brings birds, chipmunks and mice to my front door to show how much she “loves” me. In fact, last summer somehow I let my cat in and she had a live bird.  It was my turn to “hunt” the bird – and get it out of my house!

In nature, cats eat their prey whole.  When a mother cat is teaching her kittens to hunt she will bring home dead prey for the kittens to eat. Once they are older she will bring home injured prey for the kittens and make the final kill in front of the kittens.  It is perfectly natural for these carnivorous animals to eat whole raw foods.

However, many of us that love to cuddle up to our cats in the warmth of our own homes, hate to think of these adorable creatures as carnivores.  But by God’s design, cats are naturally equipped with:

  • Strong predatory instincts – stalking, chasing and pouncing
  • Jaws that open and close in a vertical plane only, rather than moving horizontally, to break apart bones and tear meat
  • Strong stomach acids for neutralizing potentially harmful bacteria from raw meat and short digestive tracks to digest bones

Because of the cat’s particular anatomical and physiological design, the most ideal and natural way for them to consume nutrition is meat, organs and bones of raw meat, which is why you should consider a raw food diet for your cat.

How Safe Is Your Pet Food?

I spend a good amount of time thinking about what to feed myself.  I want to eat naturally, healthy nutrient-dense food so my body can heal itself. I also want my cat to have healthy hip joints, strong teeth and shiny teeth – don’t you want the same for your pet?

I have realized that pet food, like people food, is full of ridiculous gimmicks and needs investigation into their ingredients and a skeptical look at their claims.

Cooked commercial cat food is sometimes made from animals that died of illness or reject animal parts of animals that were fed steroids.

As for safety, there are plenty of pet food recalls because dogs and cats have died after eating food containing ingredients from China that were found to contain melamine. Other recalls happen on a smaller scale, so watch-out for repeat offenders.  Not all pet foods are created equal.

The Many Health Advantages of Raw Whole Foods

The benefit of raw foods for pets is

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