January 18, 2017

Crazy Cabbage: Cures to Cuisine

I forget how wonderful cabbage is, but when I use it: WOW!  Here are just a few of the many uses for cabbage known for its healing properties:

  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Weight loss
  • Detox
  • GERD
  • Joint pain
  • Hematoma
  • Engorged breasts
  • Headache and hangovers

Personally, I’ve just recently used it for congestion by placing cabbage leaves on my chest overnight, wrapped in ace bandages.  I also had painful lumps behind my knees after working in the garden and did the same thing with incredible results!

As a child, cabbage was the last vegetable on earth I would even consider eating.  But, as an adult, cabbage is one of my go-to cures. Who knew that such a cheap, humble looking and so widely used cabbage could work miracles?

Some apply it warm, some cold, some crush it, and some don’t.  Some wrap it ace bandages, others in plastic.  Some apply it externally; some ingest it – a food, juice or whatever.  Either which way, it works wonders!

Cabbage Fun Facts

  • Cabbage has more vitamin c than oranges, great for strengthening the immune system and being one of the best anti oxidant, reducing free radicals in your body which are the basic causes of ageing.
  • Cabbage is very rich in fiber. This helps retain water and forms the bulk of the food and the bowels. Thus, it is a good cure for constipation and related problems.
  • Cabbage is rich is sulphur, which helps to fight infections in wounds and ulcers.
  • Cabbage, being rich in iodine, helps in proper functioning of the brain and the nervous system.

Cabbage Medicinal Qualities

Uncooked cabbage is high in glutamine, an amino acid that is useful for the excellent functioning of our digestive system and immune system.  Cabbage has also been known to have therapeutic and antibacterial properties, destroying a wide variety of bacteria in the intestines.

Liberal intake of the fresh juice of this vegetable has thus been found very valuable for treating ulcers, bladder infections and other infectious disease.  Try

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