January 23, 2017

Travel Safely with A Pet

Pet Travel Tips – How to best travel with a dog or cat.

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The travel season is approaching and most of us wish Fido or Fluffy could come along on our vacation. Besides, kennels can get expensive! Traveling with your pet can be safe, if you take the proper precautions, says Robert L. Ridgway, DVM.

Remember these three rules to traveling with a pet: Prepare, start without treatment, treat as needed along the way.

1.  Prepare your pet for travel by starting with short trips in the car so the animal gets used to the movement.

Many pets will tolerate trips in a car or a plane just fine. Help your pet prepare for your travel well ahead of time by letting him in the car with you (properly restrained for your safety and his) on short trips around the neighborhood or to the drive-thru bank teller or ATM.

Just remember:

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