January 23, 2017

Superfoods Shopping List

by Amanda Box, N.D.

Many times when you hear about the latest and greatest superfood, it isn’t something you would typically pick up at your local grocery store.  So often it’s a “newly discovered” berry or plant found in the Amazon Rainforest. Unless you choose wisely, the only thing “super” about the item may be the sticker shock you encounter when you bring it to the register.

I am a believer that most superfoods are more common than you think.  You can pack your body full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals from common foods at your local grocery store that you may have never known were truly super. The good news is you can get the health benefits of “champagne” superfoods on a club soda budget. And here’s how.

Champaign superfoods
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Top 7 Common Superfoods to Add to Your Shopping Cart

1. Broccoli

The first item on this superfood list is the cruciferous vegetable, packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. The superfood broccoli contains a substance called sulforaphane, which has been identified as an anti-cancer nutrient. This compound can potentially stop and prevent the growth of tumors!

And if preventing cancer isn’t a good enough reason to start incorporating broccoli into your diet, then its high fiber, vitamin C and calcium content should!  Broccoli even contains compounds which help facilitate detoxification and nourish the liver.  When your mom told you to eat your broccoli, she was on to something! (1)

2. Blueberries

Although most berries are high in nutrients, blueberries take the cake when it comes to superfood.  They are extremely high in antioxidants and have many vitamins, phytochemicals and flavonoids.

  • The flavonoids in blueberries come from their deep purple blue color.  These flavonoids protect neurons in the brain, which in turn protect our memory.  (2)
  • The high antioxidant content contained in blueberries have been linked lowering blood pressure, as well as speeding up the metabolism.
  • Anthocyanin, a particular antioxidant in blueberries, has been shown to lower bad cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. (3)
  • Blueberries also contain fiber and up to 24% of your daily value of vitamin C.

If you can’t find them fresh, buy a bag of frozen blueberries.  Sprinkle them on your morning oatmeal or blend them in a smoothie.  Blueberries are one of the most delicious superfoods!

3. Organic Yogurt

This superfood may be a bit surprising to you, but yogurt is really quite super.  It is not only an excellent source of calcium, but contains nourishing probiotics.

Probiotics are living healthy bacteria that help maintain a healthy digestive tract.  These probiotics:

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  1. Isabelle Milne says:

    I like your idea of having a bag of frozen blueberries. I was born with a no-sugar of any kind problem so 1/4 cup of blueberries once every 2 weeks would be tolerable. I have not eaten a whole orange or apple in my life. Kale is too sweet too. I live on broccoli! No pies. cakes or cookies ever – I’ve just tasted them.

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