January 16, 2017

Stomach in a Pickle?

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I’m having visions of my mother’s cellar.  Mason jars line the wooden shelves with the smell of damp earth penetrating the atmosphere.  In the spring, we added red strawberry jam to the stockpile. Then came the yellow tomato salsa that was put into rows.  Later we added purple grape jelly covered with wax to seal in freshness. But, eventually, the collection grew with green dill pickles that floated amongst the dill weed. Growing up I liked the red, yellow and even the purple jars, but not the green.  I needed to learn to like the green, as I would come to find out.

Some of you might know that my husband’s acid reflux problem spurred my son Joe to launch Barton Publishing and the Acid Reflux Remedy Report.   Finding natural cures for acid reflux, GERD and heartburn has become a passion of ours.  One remedy for acid reflux I have learned involves the green juice I shrugged my nose at as a kid: pickle juice.

I remember my Dad drinking the green pickle juice, straight from the jar – maybe even with a little excitement.  But, as I’ve grown older and become a grandparent myself, I am finally able to decipher why my Dad drank green juice with such enthusiasm.

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