January 23, 2017

Sexy Grandma? Sizzle over 60

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There is a powerhouse of women ruling the world.  If you check the Forbes List of ”The 100 Most Powerful Women,” you would see that more than 60% of them are past 60 years young and still keep the sizzle!  Mature women are in positions of power and leadership.  But, does that include ruling the bedroom?

As a grandmother myself, let me dispel some myths about women over 50. Remember your own grandmother?  They looked old at forty!  Today, our lifespan is over 80 years. We work in the world, spend our own money and still manage to keep families together.  Is it possible that women in their middle and older years could be more sexually active, as well? As fertility declines and menopause approaches (or passes), good health can lead to good sex.

Myth #1: Women over fifty don’t like sex

The truth is you can realistically expect 10-15 years of a sexually active lifestyle after the age of 55.  At this point, the freedom to walk past the pregnancy prevention shelf proves its worth, especially when your healthy, willing and attractive man comes into play. 


Myth #2: Women over fifty find menopause terrible and debilitating

Menopause can be worse than diet ice cream. Nobody looks forward to those captivating time in a woman’s life. However, it comes and goes and there is one less thing you have to buy from the “women section” of the pharmacy. You can came out the other side feeling stronger and surer than ever — and sexier.

The magic bullet for this period of life is

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