January 16, 2017

Progressive Healing of Lyme Disease


Three years ago, after Carolyn had her second child, every system in her body started collapsing and, within a year, she almost died. A half dozen doctors could not figure out what was wrong. She was losing four pounds a week and having severe neurological symptoms. She’d have seizures and couldn’t think straight (although she had been a psychologist prior to the onset of her illness). She was in so much pain. Her GI system collapsed and she couldn’t digest food. Doctors found out a year into the symptoms that she had chronic Lyme disease. After almost two years of “radical treatments” to address the Lyme, she recently has been awakened to the spiritual roots of her disease. Around the time that she was pregnant, she went into a dark season spiritually. She held resentment and unforgiveness toward many people and had a great deal of fear as well.

Five months ago, she began to be able to trust God again. For two years, she resisted seeking God for her healing. Consumed with the illness, she would spend hours a day researching Lyme and talking to others who had it. One day, she was going to her computer to do research about Lyme, and the Holy Spirit said to her, “You are worshiping Lyme.” She froze and was absolutely convicted by the truth she had just heard. She then sent a mass e-mail to people whom she corresponded with who had Lyme and said, “I care about you. I’m not abandoning you, but you probably won’t hear from me for a while because I am going to go to God.”

She got on her knees and prayed honestly for the first time since she was ill. She confessed to God that she was afraid He didn’t want good things for her and that if she put Him in charge of her healing, he would let her down. She repented and asked God to please heal her spiritually and take her on a journey of revealing himself to her. As she prayed frantically, she heard Him say, “Be quiet.” She started up again and then heard Him say, “Be still.” Then she quieted herself with awe. Then she heard him say, “You are healed.”

In that moment, though her symptoms were still present, she knew she was healed. She trusted the promise from God of healing as TRUTH and the symptoms she still had as a lie—the façade the enemy tries to use to get her to disbelieve truth. She became convicted that her healing would come as she came to know and walk with the Lord. She is walking this out by faith as He shows her who He is.

She’s made quantum leaps since that day. After God told her she was healed, she said to Him, “What should I do now?” He said to read the burning bush, Cain and Abel and Lazarus. She knew the stories but not enough to know how relevant they would be to her current situation. She knew Moses approached God in the burning bush but she didn’t know God had said, “I hear the cry of the Israelites and I will lead them out of their oppression into the promised land.” The story of Cain made her see that she had bitterness in her heart and a spirit of death and murder that can come from lack of forgiveness. The last was about resurrection and new life.

From that day on, encouraging people started coming into her life. A man her sister works with who is a strong man of God had been praying for her for two years. Right after she prayed, her sister called and said, “Would you be willing to talk to this man who has a lot of faith?” So she talked to him and he was compassionate like Jesus. He prayed for her and her kids. The next day he wrote an email about how he had taken a pre-view class of a two-year course from Bethel Church (the BSSM curriculum). She said, “I wish I could go to that.” She thought it was just for leaders. But he said, “You can.” So she enrolled in that.

She has come a long way. She’s had dramatic symptom reduction. She almost never has headaches though before she did daily. A lot of very strange neurological symptoms have disappeared or significantly diminished. Her fear is gone. Her bitterness is gone. All her broken relationships are restored.

She’s still walking this healing journey out and trusting that God will take her 100%.

a merry heart does good like medicine
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When she was at the Fire Storm led by Kevin Dedmon recently, God touched her. Nowadays, as God works in her, she can feel like something has happened to her immune system and then gradually symptoms will fade away. At that meeting, she knew that something good had happened to her immune system. She was released from neck pain but that comes and goes.

The biggest thing that happened that weekend was healing in her heart with a breakthough of joy. Also, she experienced more passion and excitement about God’s purpose for her. Finally, she received an impartation. Kevin released an impartation over the group for prophecy and then he asked them to give the person next to them a word. Instantaneously, Carolyn received a word for the people around her. A lady tapped her on the shoulder and prophesied over her, and she had a word for the lady.

One of the Bethel students staying with her later said, “I think the prophetic is going to be one of your giftings.” So the team had her do a prophetic painting and they said there is a powerful explosion of God going on inside her that will bring comfort and healing to her and to others. They used the word “counseling” without knowing that she used to be (and hopes to one day again be) a psychologist.

A student named Holly had so much joy about her and Carolyn watched her and thought, “I want what she has.” Carolyn has freedom from fear, peace, and hope but she doesn’t have joy yet. So they were doing holy laughter and that is new to her. She was watching that and she felt like the Holy Spirit told her to go to Holly and have Holly put her hand on her heart and release it on her heart. When Holly put her hand on her heart and started to laugh, Carolyn started to laugh, too. She felt like she got healed in her heart emotionally. The Scripture had been in her head for a long time about a merry heart doing good like a medicine. Holly told her to release it to another man who looked stern. Carolyn walked over, introduced herself, put her hand on his heart and she started to laugh.

It was fun talking to Carolyn and hearing about the incredible journey of healing and restoration she is on with the Lord. Others around her, seeing her freedom and the light of the Lord on her, are getting hungry for Jesus. And it’s only the beginning….


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