January 20, 2017

For Your Eyes Only

Is It Really Possible to Improve Your Vision with Food?

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blatant pop-culture references dead ahead…

When you think of improving vision with a certain food, which one darts into your mind faster than Bugs Bunny missing that left turn at “Alber-koiky?”

What’s up Doc?

Why it’s carrots, of course!

And what we aim to find out here today is if ole Bugs was on to something (other than annoying catch phrases) by eating carrots. If so,  what other foods can and should be used to improve overall vision and help reduce the impact of dreaded eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

But first, since ¾ of our country just doesn’t see so good – we’ll start with some interesting stats on corrective lenses.

Hey four eyes…over HERE!

The Vision Council of America says:

  • About 75% of adults here in the U.S. use some sort of corrective lenses.
  • 42% are men and 58% are women.
  • Surprisingly, only 30% of these folks are near-sighted (myopia – needing glasses to see distance).
  • Where 60% are far-sighted (hyperopia – needing glasses for up-close viewing).

Yes – you’re seeing that right. That adds up to only 90%…we’re not sure what happened to the other 10 – maybe they couldn’t see the question.

So if you were part of the group being teased for having “four eyes” in school, then…REJOICE! We were and still are part of the majority! Take THAT jock-guys and cheerleading prom-queens!

Still, for those of us who wear corrective lenses and would LOVE to put them on the nightstand – and LEAVE them there – the question remains: Do certain foods have the power to reverse myopia and hyperopia?

Fact is there is NO medical evidence that any one food or combination of foods can work to give you the ability to ditch the glasses.

However…if you want to hold on to the dream…have the patience to wait it out…and the stomach for it, many folks have reported that going vegan has improved their vision over time.

Also, there are simple eye exercises you can try that have offered some benefits to practitioners.

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