January 16, 2017

God, I Love Pizza!

But, God, I Love You More!

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Nearly every religion in the world encourages fasting. This is because it works. Fasting is nothing more than consuming less so there is more room for God and more room for the supernatural in your life. When we fast, we create within ourselves a physical void that God fills spiritually. Most people cram their lives so full of everything else there is no room for God and spiritual lethargy is the result. However, spiritual lethargy is not a problem where people lack food.

There is nothing that increases spiritual vitality like hunger. Hunger pangs are the body’s way of crying out. When we fast, we channel our hunger to that which is truly satisfying. In this way, fasting becomes a powerful statement to God. It says, “God, I want you more than I want French fries. God I want you to show up in my life far more than I want pizza. God, I love pizza! God, I love French fries. But God, I love you more!”

People who pray this way discover an abundant life that no amount of consumption can match. Tommy Tenney, the author of God Chasers, frequently says when he speaks that “God fills where he first finds emptiness.” Fasting puts our emptiness on display before God. Fasting reminds us who ultimately sustains us.

Jesus assumed that fasting would be an integral part of the spiritual fitness program for his followers. In Matthew 5:16, he says, “And when you fast…” He did not say,

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