January 20, 2017


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Glutathione, our body’s most
powerful antioxidant, has just been supercharged to dramatically increase its ability to penetrate our cells starting with your skin.

Every once in awhile a major new product comes on the scene that is so advanced that it takes a quantum leap over similar products in its category. Such is the case with Protect120.

But first an explanation. Glutathione, or GSH as it is often called, is our body’s most important antioxidant. It is produced in abundance when we are young and helps:

  • Dramatically boost the immune system.
  • Reduce inflammation.
  • Support release of toxic chemicals from our body.

Our body, starting with our skin, needs antioxidants to combat oxidative stress or the by-products produced by the energy from our cells. Think of it in terms of a car.

A car uses gasoline or energy to create power. The power then creates exhaust emissions. Our cars have a catalytic converter to filter the exhaust and remove toxic chemicals. A similar analogy can be made with GSH and our body’s need to reduce the oxidative stress produced by the cells in our body.

Since the GSH in our bodies helps to reduce the oxidative stress, it also boosts the immune system and may help prevent certain diseases. In over 20,000 studies, GSH deficiency has been proven to be a factor in dozens of conditions in which the body is low in GSH. When present GSH has been proven to support normal response to inflammation, chronic fatigue, autoimmune reactions, Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart issues, autism, multiple sclerosis, skin disorders, digestive problems, lung , arthritis and other concerns.

But, there is a problem. As we age, we produce less GSH. Our bodies become more susceptible to disease, and our skin ages – just when we need GSH the most.


GSH cannot be taken as a supplement. Take a GSH pill and it gets destroyed in the stomach. Inject it into your blood and it will get destroyed within a few minutes by the enzymes in your blood.

Some companies have resorted to creating supplements that help in the production, by the body, of GSH but there is limited success with this method.

SCP, however, has created a molecule in a cream base that can be easily absorbed by the skin and reach its cells where it’s antioxidant properties are  is most needed. The results can often be felt quickly. Not only does Protect120 supplement and nourish the skin cells, it also stimulates the cells to produce more GSH naturally. You will love the look and feel of your skin.

Protect120 is intended for cosmetic benefits to the skin only and is not intended to deliver glutathione through the skin to other body tissue. Please be advised that such transdermal delivery may occur, but that is not the intent with which this product is sold.


The key to making Protect120 easily absorbed by the cells is that it is 1) fat soluble and 2) small enough to pass through the walls of the cell.

Up until now, most GSH supplements were destroyed in the stomach or in the bloodstream and were water soluble. Our scientists determined that the best method to reach and penetrate the skin cells in our body was if our molecule was fat soluble.

The next challenge was to make the molecule small enough so it could be absorbed by the cells. This challenge took them almost ten years of research before they achieved their goal.

Protect120 has been tested for safety and GSH is perfectly safe for practically any application. Patents have been applied for and are pending. Finally, we are in the process of testing our products against many of the most popular GSH products being sold on the market to determine how much better and more effective our product is over every other product.

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If you wish to experience the power of Protect120, order a tube.

Note the non-greasy, fragrance-free cream and how easily it spreads and is absorbed into your skin. Use it on problem areas or on any large area such as your arms and legs. Experience the anti-aging benefit to the look and feel of your skin. And if you have a chance, read on the Internet about the healing power of Glutathione or GSH and the numerous conditions it impacts when present in the body: reduce inflammation, boost immune system, rid toxic chemicals and help to heal autism . Each tube has 4 ounces of cream and should last a few months depending on usage.

Experience the benefits of one of the most important scientific breakthroughs in biotechnology and join those who have discovered Protect120. Order your tube at no obligation today.

Email [email protected] or call 702-949-5995 for a tube of Protect120.


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