May 30, 2016

L-Arginine – Best Natural Supplement to Boost Libido

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The ProSexual Nutrient

Sexual dysfunction is estimated to affect 43% of women and 31% of men in the U.S. For women, sexual dysfunction consists primarily of loss of libido (sexual drive) and inability (or great difficulty) in achieving an orgasm. For men, sexual dysfunction primarily takes the form of impotence, known technically as erectile dysfunction.

One of the more popular supplement ingredients for sexual dysfunction is L-arginine, also referred to as arginine. Arginine assists in relaxing blood vessels to allow more blood circulation, thereby increasing blood flow to the genitals, as a by-product of synthesizing nitric oxide. More blood flow makes sexual stimulation more sensitive and increases libido or desire for sex in both men and women.

Stronger Libido … Greater Endurance

It has been hypothesized that taking extra arginine will increase nitric oxide levels and in turn increase blood flow to the penis. However, not all pharmaceutical studies have shown increasing nitric oxide have been to be effective.  Instead, increasing the sensitivity to nitric oxide can bring greater blood flow, thus assisting erections, endurance and orgasms. L-arginine has also been reported to improving fertility in men with low sperm counts and been found as an active ingredient in many sexual dysfunction support products. Men should consider supplementing 500 mg/day or for organic erectile dysfunction (ED): 5 grams per day.

If women are looking for greater satisfaction in their love life, more orgasms and greater clitoris stimulation, then consider taking up to 2,500 mg of L-arginine with your daily vitamins and minerals. Results may take up to 4 weeks.

Get It On Naturally

Normally our bodies produce enough L-arginine for normal body function, but certain injuries or conditions can cause you to not produce enough L-arginine for your body to work or heal properly.

Some foods that naturally have this amino acid in them are poultry, pork, dairy products, seafood, nuts, chickpeas, soy beans, and chocolate. Yes, another scientific reason for eating chocolate!

For over the counter supplements, the following 3 L-arginine brands were tested for quality, label consistency and lead contamination, recommended to you for safe consumption:

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Benefits Beyond Sexual Enhancement

L-Arginine is an excellent supplement for anyone wanting to increase his or her sexual arousal, improve performance, libido and overall health (enhance immune function, increase memory, speed wound healing). The huge advantage this natural and safe supplement has over Viagra is that men and women can take it, it’s considerably less expensive (Viagra costs as much as $10 a pill!), it’s been proven to work in numerous double-blind studies, and it has no side effects in sexual dysfunction performance.



  1. One week of taking L arginine was all it took and I am VERY HAPPY with the result. My new girlfriend has no idea what she is in for considering my last performance.


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