April 1, 2015

Krill Oil – Ultimate Source of Omega-3, from Dr. Mercola

Take advantage of “good” fat for optimum health. Reduce the number of anti-oxidant supplements you are taking and order the highly recommended one dose krill oil that deserves praise.

The Journal of the American College of Nutrition published results in 2007 from a test that demonstrated a 31% reduction of inflammation in arthritis sufferers by taking krill oil supplements.

Research conducted by the Journal of Nutrition found a reduction of inflammation response in overweight rats given krill oil. These overweight rates also decreased fat by 48% with krill oil vs by only 2% on fish oil. Krill oil also demonstrates anti-cancer and heart benefits, among many other health advantages.

With these kind of statistics and positive results, taking krill oil as your omega-3 supplement is a promising choice. It has even been tested to be 48x more effective with anti-oxidant properties than fish oil! Krill oil can also reduce inflammation associated with cardiovascular disease and relieve PMS symptoms. It is a wonder why krill oil isn’t more known or it’s properties praised within the health field. However, it is gaining popularity, undergoing safety tests and is now available readily more available.

Home Cures That Work recommends Dr. Mercola’s Ultimate Source of Omega-3: Krill Oil. Dr. Mercola pledges quality and reasonable price. He’s done the research for you and put together a product that is worthy of the investment.

Best of all, due to the rapid absorption of krill oil and its high anti-oxidant properties, there is no fishy burping or aftertaste!

Here is one worthy testimony about Dr. Mercola’s Krill Oil:

“I have been taking Mercola’s Krill Oil for several months now and after feeling the effects it’s had, I will take it for the rest of my life. The most noticeable benefits have been cleared thinking, elimination of joint pain, more energy, calmness, and overall just feeling great! I believe in natural cures and feel that taking prescription drugs should always be a last resort. Our society seems to rely too much on man made drugs that always in some way have negative effects. Do your body a favor and try it. Its amazing.” ~ Anonymous

Reap the full benefits of– krill oil, reduce your inflammation and order your omega-3 supplement now!

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