January 16, 2017

Knock Yourself Out With Valerian Root

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Valerian tastes like smelly feet.

It may be stinky, but it works well.  If you want to fall asleep and sleep straight through the night, then valerian will do the job.

From the root Latin word “valere,” valerian means “to be strong or healthy.” Perhaps it is the odor that is strong, but the same reference could be used for valerian’s potency.

This supplement herb is widely used to promote sleep and calm. It’s mildly sedative effect makes it a sleep aid, as well as being used to reduce daytime anxiety and stress. Other studies have shown improved sleep in post menopausal women suffering from insomnia.

While valerian is extremely cheap, it’s quality can be highly compromised. Some valerian root supplements tested have had no trace of valerian substance, at all!  Other valerian supplements tested contained heavy metals!  Only 2 out of 11 valerian herb supplements on the market are safe for consumption.

Which would you like to take? How do you know which valerian supplement to buy off the shelf when you are standing in the store, desperate for some good shut eye?

Those that are compromised with potency and contamination are:

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