January 22, 2017

Bipolar Product Recommendation: TrueHope EMPowerplus Capsules

What do you do after you’ve “tried everything?”

Should you consider omega-3 fatty acids, or other approaches for which there is some but only a little evidence that they “work”, and very little evidence to go on as far as risks one takes in trying it?

You have probably had lithium, depakote or topomax to name a few, or even all at the same time and with an antidepressant.  In fact, since your doctors are just now figuring out that antidepressants carry substantial risk of inducing manic symptoms, I’d bet that most of the previous mood stabilizers you’ve had have been used with an antidepressant.  Now, the most of the treatments you’ve ever had would need to be repeated without the antidepressant.

You might feel you are closer to the beginning of the process than the end!  The U.S. mental health experts consider mood stabilizer and combinations of medications are pretty standard.  But, it is time for you to be in the front of the pack. Time for TrueHope EMPowerplus.

EMPowerplus isn’t a miracle OR a quack cure. It’s based on nutritional research, documented at truehope.com. All of the nutrient levels are well within the dosages considered safe.

Truehope EMPowerplus is a micronutrient treatment consisting of 16 minerals, 14 vitamins, 3 amino acids, and 3 antioxidants and is designed to address essential nutrient deficiencies in both children and adults. Although nearly all of these ingredients are found in the foods we eat each day, they are not in sufficient quantities or correct proportions in our food to address disease causing deficiencies.

Three trials and two observational reports in private practice have demonstrated statistically significant reductions in the symptoms of bipolar and other disorders. Studies in animals also suggest that EMPowerplus can increase the healthy characteristics of neurons.

The unique formulation of EMPowerplus allows the body to rapidly absorb and utilize these essential nutrients for optimum physical and mental health.

Read these amazing testimonies about EMPowerplus!


Yes, I am still on empower plus 2 years later and med free. Taking Empower for me was a whole life style change. I found out I had gluten/dairy problems and had to eliminate that from my diet, which made a huge difference. My main recovery has been by the saving grace from God and Jesus Christ. So, I don’t give all power to the supplements, but to the One that has healed me on this very difficult road of mental health problems. Best wishes to you!

rhendawg says:

They start you off in 15 a day depending how many pills you take…its quite expensive but better compared to big pharma…i just ordered $600 worth…the pharma drugs i was on had me fired…i acted strange at work and they had to let me go…i hope this helps

jtooj says:

I’m so glad your life is on the right track now. I’ve been on true hope empower plus for 5 months now and it has truly saved my life. I have bipolar and meds made the condition worse. I want to get the message out to everyone. There are too many people out there today that feel hopeless and they need to learn about true hope. Problem is doctors just want to push meds for money.

wiccamelissa says:

I dont know how empower plus cured me so fast but it worked! it seems like a real miracle that saved my life!
No medication can do what empower plus did for me.
When the legal dope pushers’aka pharmacy ” let me down,truehope company was there to lift me up and save me.
I wish wellness for everyone else who was had to suffer the way I did.
People need to be healthy again, because without your health you have nothing.

How about the TrueHope EMPowerplus approach? Click below to order your true hope for curing bipolar disorder in a bottle!








  1. hi im just wondering i been on the empower for a month and 15 days and yets havent see much results i feel i am sleeping to much on this product like how did tak u to see the change please help

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