January 23, 2017

100 is the New 50

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Flickr by Michael Eaves

Don’t you just love results?

Nothing feels better than having a deal come together after months, or even years of hard brain-sweating work… or having your mirror show you proof that physical training works… or positive feedback from your scale well into your weight-loss program… or seeing your latest blood work which confirms the fact that your new diet, supplement program, added fiber and lifestyle changes are reversing your former sub-par condition. How about biomarkers that tell you, you are in fact growing biologically younger?

Do you know what makes me feel just about as good? When someone profits from my advice.

Here’s a longevity letter that I got from one of my subscribers, Michael Eaves:

“Hi David,

Just an update on my conversion to the Paleo diet.

Over the past 4 months, I have gone from 130 kgs to 105 kgs. I don’t count calories and don’t go hungry. My health has dramatically improved, e.g. sinus headaches gone, arthritis pain in my knee gone, swelling almost gone, general health very good.

I have a target weight of 85 kgs. That’s what I weighed when Donna and I married 30 years ago. Although reaching my target may prove impossible, as I have noticeably more muscle now, and it continues to increase even as I lose weight. Donna, after seeing the changes I’m making, has started cutting out wheat and corn based foods as well. She is 52 and going through menopause and had put on a fair bit of weight, most noticeably, abdominal fat. Since dropping wheat and corn, she has lost 2 dress sizes, most of the belly fat and over 10kgs in weight. Her muscle mass has increased and overall figure is much more pleasing, not only to me but to herself as well.

We are on our way to making 100 the new 50. But in order for it to happen for you, you will need to take action. Michael and Donna made some simple changes to their diet, and look at their amazing results. And without pain! The best part is, they are almost certainly helping ensure their longevity.

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If you’re not familiar with the Paleo diet, the beneficial Paleolithic diet is mainly based on lean meat, fish, root vegetables, vegetables, eggs, fruits, berries and nuts. Paleo food contains a lot of water, fiber and protein, which makes it filling at low calorie intake. According to Dr. Loren Cordain in his best selling user-friendly book, The Paleo Diet, there are seven keys to the diet.

  1. Eat a relatively high amount of animal protein. Author’s note: What if you are a vegetarian? You can eliminate the meat if you can get adequate protein from eggs or plant sources. As many as 30% of us can do well on a vegetarian diet, but most can’t.
  2. Eat fewer carbohydrates than most modern diets, but eat good carbs from fruits and veggies.
  3. Eat a large amount of fiber from non-starchy fruits and veggies.
  4. Eat a moderate amount of fat with more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats than saturated fats, and nearly equal amounts of omega 3 and omega 6 fats.
  5. Eat foods with a high potassium content and a low sodium content, and do not add salt to your food.
  6. Eat a diet with a net alkaline load.
  7. Eat foods rich in plant phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Again, no grains, dairy and legumes to optimize your results. If total adherence takes too much fun out of your life, indulge once a week or more. Adhere as closely as you are comfortable.

Going Paleo is only one way to reverse aspects of aging. A Paleolithic diet positions you and me better to take advantage of the emerging age-reversal and repair technologies by extending our average lifespan. We have a long way to go before we can reverse the aging process itself. There is so much to learn. While we are doing that, why not put what we do know to work for you? After all, we have learned more in the past ten years than we have in all prior time. If you apply just part of what we have learned so far, I see no reason why you could not add ten to fifteen years to your lifespan if you are average. By doing so, you would dramatically reduce your odds of decline, agony, expense, dependence and immobility that most experience in their later years.

Another bonus will be your increased odds of surviving, in fact thriving, until we will truly be able to offer you rejuvenation and open-ended youthfulness.

Michael and Donna are on their way. Won’t you join them?  Share with Home Cures That Work your progress and encourage others to take the same anti-aging steps toward longevity and good health!


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