January 23, 2017

Tiger Woods Diagnosis

A Cub Scout Mother Challenges A Perverted Addiction

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A long and propserous life doesn’t come with golf or golf addiction. It comes with a healthy and clear conscience.

Let me take this Home Cures That Work edition on addiction to address a recent news item: Tiger Woods and his many mistresses. Some have raised the issue on whether or not he is a sex addict.

The string of extramarital affairs that has Tiger Woods in the news headlines brings tears to my eyes and anger to my heart. Casual sex strikes once again. Count the number of lives it has affected. This doesn’t involve just Tiger, but his wife and 2 children, plus the X number of women who have partnered with him. Addictions are destructive and this is no exception.

One definition of an addiction is not being able to control urges and feeling anxious without a fix, as well as acts done in secrecy. The other factor in addictive behavior is

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