January 16, 2017

Letter From The Editor on Parkinson’s Disease

Before 2010, the most I knew about Parkinson’s disease was that Michael J. Fox had it. That all changed when my father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

We quickly learned that there are a wide variety of symptoms with Parkinson’s. The tremors were only the beginning. For my Dad…

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    Smiling for a photograph is difficult due to loss of facial expression.
  • Choking is commonplace because throat muscles have weakened.
  • Things we take for granted like walking, talking, buttoning a shirt and getting out of a chair became everyday challenges for him.
  • And while Parkinson’s progresses, his mind digresses. He is a man of charisma who could effortlessly converse at any gathering. His personality and intellectual ability has been well-loved by many. Yet, he has become shy, less assured and his memory fails him.

In reality, we are dedicated to helping him navigate his way through this disease that seemingly has no cure. Medications vary, as do the side-effects.

Thankfully, the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs can be bypassed with natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments. Through the use of herbs, nutritional therapy and exercise, the symptoms of Parkinson’s are soothed.

But, we can credit farm living and hard work ethic to his strong body that perseveres. We can also credit his tremendous level of exposure to farming pesticides as a child to his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

And although the passage of time has clouded my Dad’s mind, we are thankful for the ever-widening range of complementary and healing therapies that help slow and ease the disease. By combining holistic remedies with modern knowledge, you too can function better with fewer Parkinson’s symptoms. For specifics on which foods to eat and which to avoid, check out this month’s issue at Home Cures That Work.

My dad’s strengths have been being able to “see the wood for the trees.” He’s inspired others to think outside the box and deepen their ethos. In looking at Parkinson’s progression, it is natural to primarily focus on treatment, but Dad has also focused on progressing in life as a whole; how can he manage PD in the context of living a happy and fulfilling life.

My satisfaction comes from empowering others to become better about taking care of their health with natural remedies and hearing back about how they are taking an active role in managing their own illness. I am proud Home Cures That Work plays a central role in this drive. This issue on Parkinson’s disease is dedicated to my Dad.

Now, that is something he can smile about.

For Your Health,

Cheryl Inghram

Editor, Home Cures That Work

P.S. For low-risk and high-gain treatment to help slow Parkinson’s disease progression, there are foods and supplements that posses neuro-protective properties. The good news is there are new therapies for you to discover in this month’s issue of HomeCuresThatWork.com


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