January 23, 2017

Common Cold Letter From the Editor

When the flu bites, when the cold stings… these are a few of my least favorite things… Fortunately, some colds can be easily prevented, and even once it has struck, natural and herbal remedies can help shorten the duration of a cold and get you feeling better faster.

Cold Prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To ensure that the body is functioning at peak immunity, you need a constant supply of nutrients to resist any pathogen you encounter. For easy strategies to boost your immune system, Dr. DiCenso offers practice advice for cold prevention. Learn more…

In the off chance you are doing all of the above and you still get sick, don’t worry- there are natural ways to heal faster! HomeCuresThatWork.com has a full bag of tricks for you to choose from to shorten the duration of a cold and lessen the uncomfortable symptoms.

Natural Treatments for Colds

Hot liquid seems pretty instinctive when it comes to the first sign of a cold. But to avoid coughing for days at a time or at the first sign of a tickle in the throat, there are more liquids that can boost immunity, soothe the body and offer super nutritious balance to energy and immune system repair. Here are the 3 best liquids to drink to help your body combat a cold.

We all know how great vitamin C is. Vitamin C is very important to a healthy diet and is a highly effective antioxidant, which helps with oxidative stress. High-dose of vitamin C has been known to cure common colds.

The Vitamin C Flush accelerates detoxification, improving your body’s chemistry to neutralize viruses and fight colds. It promotes more rapid healing, and protects against further illness. Colds can hang around for a week and could hang on for up to two. For a cold nearly gone within a few days, the vitamin C flush will have positive impact for returning energy levels.

Vitamin C is cheap. It’s well tolerated. And it’s certainly better than anything else on the market. There may be some controversy in the conventional world about vitamin C’s cold prevention power. But this nutrient’s affects can cut risks of illness in half and duration of symptoms by 8-14%, according to a 2013 research.*

So, while there may be some controversy in the conventional world, there certainly isn’t in mine. When I am facing a cold or flu, I use oral vitamin C doses of 500 mg every two hours.

And you know what? I don’t ever get sick.

Take your vitamin C… and take it consistently.

There are a lot more options in natural cold treatment. Keep your Home Cures That Work for the Common Cold pdf for reference whenever anyone in the family starts to show signs of illness. The earlier you can catch an illness, the easier it is to beat.

The Home Cures That Work for the Common Cold pdf is available for download for members on our home page or archives page after September 30:


To A Healthier You,

Cheryl Inghram

Editor, Barton Publishing

Do you believe in the power of Vitamin C?


* “Vitamin C for preventing and treating the common cold.” Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2013 Jan 31;1:CD000980.


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