January 23, 2017

The Big "O" – Reach the Right Omega Ratio

Increase Your Odds Against Inflammation by 6:1

Neil is a 78-year-old gentleman who is living alone. He first came in with pain in his leg when he walked. He was found to have a blockage in the artery. He had a course of Chelation therapy, which reversed the blockage, but there was an underlying problem, the reason why he had the blockage in the first place: inflammation. On top of the atherosclerosis of his arteries, Neil also has Rosacea, Arthritis, and now, Dementia. All of these illnesses have the same basic cause: inflammation.

The diseases that we associate with aging are caused by inflammation and are therefore preventable. We don’t have to decline in function and waste away in a nursing home during the last years of our lives. We can live to a ripe old age, fully functional until we leave this Earth. One of the most important ways to stay young is by decreasing inflammation.

Inflammation is the body’s reaction to some kind of damage. There are many ways to create this damage. If we use too much energy we create excess “free-radicals” that do damage. If we eat too much, exercise excessively, lack sleep, have allergies, contract an infection, or get an injury then we create inflammation. Inflammation signals the body to fix the problem, whatever it is.

Inflammation turns on certain genes for repair, and in doing so also turns off other genes. The normal processes of the metabolism are disrupted causing changes throughout the body. The hormones, digestion, immune system, and even neurotransmitters in the brain all are affected. Every single cell is changed! These changes cause us to “age” faster as the cells are less efficient. It causes cancer, heart disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, depression, anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, and all the most common chronic conditions. It seems, as a result, that it would be

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