January 16, 2017

Woody Harrelson: Junk Food Drugie Meets Salad

Transform yourself from a junk food druggie to a salad enthusiast and you are on your way to become a raw food lover.

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Woody Harrelson, a converted raw food enthusiast, insists following a form of raw-veganism food diet keeps him from suffering from ordinary illnesses such as colds and that he doesn’t need as much sleep because his energy levels have increased. He also lost 30 pounds! But, Harrelson admits, you are going to have to learn to love salads and making salad dressings.

What’s all the craze about eating raw foods?  The raw vegan food  “diet” is considered healthy because instead of sapping your body of energy to digest processed foods and leave you crashing after meals, the living enzymes in raw foods enables the body is able to gain nutrition, vitamins and minerals from the foods it consumes.

Essentially, you cannot breathe the air, eat foods grown in the earth, take an aspirin, drink tap water or anything else without accumulating toxins in the body over time. Raw foods provides a “scrubbing effect” in your kidney, liver and colon to loosen the sludge that has built up in your body, which blocks your natural enzymes and hormones that assist in removing toxic waste from your body.

The results of eating raw foods are linked to more energy, healthier skin, reduced heart disease and better digestion.  By eating foods that are easy to digest, the healing power in raw foods can alleviate illnesses, allergies, digestive disorders (like GERD), restore a weakened immune system and assist in weight normalization.

Raw-veganism has also been called “sustainable eating” and is entering into environmental conversations and simplicity circles as the way to eat to save the planet.

Research and real life experiences have also shown that a person can prevent a body’s healthy cells from turning into malignant cancerous cells by consuming mostly a raw food diet & whole organic foods.

The raw-vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, seeds and nuts. You can believe that eating fresh, raw, fruit and vegetables you will look juicy, fresh, vibrant and alive.  This is natural beauty at its finest!

“But to eat only raw food, you’ve got to love a salad. You’ve got to just love a salad.” ~ Woody Harrelson

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