January 16, 2017

KIM CATTRALL: Food Secrets For Turning Back Time!

A natural beauty, Kim Cattrall has earned her popularity for a good figure, even for being in her 50s. Time takes it toll on everybody, but Kim has put in the effort to control aging and work with what nature has generously given her.

To assist in decreasing the signs of aging and reduce wrinkling, Cattrall diets with foods high in proteins and anti-inflammatory properties. Imagine by eating fish you can erase facial lines and de-puff your eyes!

By eating organic, wild salmon every day, the rich omega-3 foods, Cattrall brings an organic chef with her on the set to cook skinless chicken or turkey and raw fruit and vegetables. She also avoids foods that cause water-retention, such as refined sugar and fats. For extra sliming efforts, she stops the bread and alcohol.

One of Kim’s lunches with anti-inflammatory foods might looks like this:

Gazpacho with a wedge of French bread
6 oz. filet of braised cod
Small side salad with olive oil dressing
Glass of unsweetened iced tea
Creme caramel for dessert

Take this celebrity tip to cut down the munchies: squeeze lemon juice on leftovers to keep from adding another bite to remove the temptation to keep eating!

Eat anti-inflammatory foods such as fish to avoid weight and health problems. Loose a few years in a few days with a rich omega-3 diet. Kim Cattrall has certainly lost years and cheats the aging process from the inside out!

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