January 20, 2017

Cybill Shepherd: Singing The Menopause Blues

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“The Menopause Blues” is a catchy and hilarious song written and sung by Cybill Shepherd.  Cybill was one of the first to bring personal lamentations about menopause to the airwaves in her television sitcom “Cybill” during the mid 1990s.

To take women’s issues one step further, Cybill used music to come out loud and proud about menopause.

After Cybill began speaking publicly about menopause, floods of normal and herbal formulas packaged from all over the world became available to remedy symptoms of menopause.  Like for so many other women, doctor subscribed estrogen was not the only prescription for navigating menopause.  Cybill Shepherd started substituting with natural approach to help remedy hot flashes. The standardized red cover extract, a phytoestrogen-rich plant extract, helped her manage the mood swings, decreased libido and memory loss. Phytoestrogen content may 
even help support healthy bone density and circulation.

There are a lot of natural different approaches to forage your individual pathway through menopause.  Black cohosh, natural progesterone, calcium, vitamin E and D, and more from nature’s pharmacy can offer safer choices than your doctor ever could. Most self-care menopause treatments provide the best results due to education, knowledge and trial and error.

In the end, Cybill’s sense of humor and laughter – even in song – has gotten her through the tough times hormonal times. Today, with so many natural options available, the fifties, sixes and beyond can open up whole new passages leading to stages of life.

“It is not easy, but it is also 
another exciting stage. It can be explored. You can learn from it.”~ Cybill Shepherd


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