January 23, 2017

Bed Bugs Love Celebrities, Too!

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Not only are beds, luggage and clothes susceptible to bed bugs, now there is evidence of cars being infested. From the ditches if World War II to the heights of Manhattan penthouses, bed bugs have found a home in the limousine of celebrity Howard Stern. Beg bug sniffing dogs were utilized to sweep Stern’s limousine, which were also found in his office.

Howard Stern stated that “Supposedly we’re 100 percent bed bug-free. The only place in New York City that probably is 100 percent bed bug-free … [But] I’m scratching every minute.”

No one is immune from bed bugs, not even the famous. Bed bugs are indifferent, bastardly and prey on the poor and the wealthy. Stephanie Seymour, Renee Zellweger and a host of other celebrities have also come in contact with the little bed bug suckers – or biters, for that matter!

Celebrities, in particular are susceptible to bed bugs, after traveling a lot and staying in various hotels, and they might just pick up bed bugs somewhere and bring them home. It’s not just the hotels that put celebrities at risk. Their tendency to buy multiple properties and perpetual-motion lifestyles also increase bed-bug risk.

The only advantage a celebrity might have in conquering bed bugs is that instead of cleaning everything, they just replace everything!

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