January 20, 2017

7 Daily Self-Dentistry Steps

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Many of us have been faithful to visit the dentist and brush our teeth after meals, or even 2 to 3 times a day.  Yet, tooth decay and gum disease is very prevalent among the disciplined “flossers.”  But, if you feel discouraged about your oral health or without options for good dental care, let self-dentistry allow you to enjoy life and oral health – which reflects the overall health of our bodies. Our teeth and gums will be much healthier by practicing self-dentistry.

No more toxic toothpaste, just natural elements to regenerate gums, saliva and teeth.

7 Daily Self-Dentistry Steps

  1. Salt Water Rinse
    Pour a generous amount of pure salt (Himalyan or Celtic) into a container and fill with water. Shake before use. Rinse your mouth using this strong saline solution at the beginning and end of your self-dentistry regimen.
  2. Clean Tongue
    Tongue has a lot of bacteria, so scrap tongue with tongue scraper and rinse apparatus.
  3. Brush
    • Use an ionic toothbrush, which is activated by light. The saliva receives a negative ionic charge from the toothbrush, which then alkalizes the saliva. By alkalizing the saliva, you remove 40% of plaque often found inside your mouth.
    • Add a few drops of Neem Enamelizer, an oil with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
    • To increase potency, add Healthy Gum Drops, a combination of antiseptic, astringent, circulatory, and analgesic botanicals for healthy gums.
    • Brush slowly following the gum to teeth principle: gum down for upper teeth and gum up for lower teeth. No need to worry about chemical foam or spitting anything out. It is all safe for mouth and body!
  4. Clean gums
    Apply Yogi Tooth Serum, or similar product, to a sulca brush to clean the area where the teeth and gums join. The health of your gums determine the health of your mouth and teeth, so they stay in place, stay strong. Gums cover up thousands of tiny filaments called “sulca” that attach the tooth to the jaw. By taking care of the gum line and teeth, you prevent debris from building up and pushng the gums away from the teeth. Follow along the gum lines on the outside of your teeth, as well as along the inside of your teeth gum line.
  5. Floss
    Use one drop of a Tooth Serum to coat your floss and floss up and around each tooth. Floss twice.
  6. Polish to Whiten
    Consider using an electric toothbrush to polish the teeth. Do not brush your gums, just the teeth! Start with a dry brush, add 1 drop of tooth serum and a little tooth whitening powder polish, but do not brush your gums – just polish the teeth! Polish the whole mouth and your teeth will gradually get whiter and whiter.
  7. Salt Water Rinse
    Repeat as in Step 1. Follow these 7 steps daily, once in the morning and once at night for excellent oral health! You do not need to brush your teeth after every meal, but alkalize your mouth with the salt water rinse.

Commercial hygiene products are ineffective and expensive. The proper way to care for our teeth is NOT with expensive, highly flavored toothpastes that come in non-biodegradable, throwaway, zinc-and-lead tubes! You and your family can save a significant amount of money — and at the same time keep your teeth and gums in good shape — by kicking the Madison Avenue habit and choosing to follow the 7 simple steps of self-dentistry to keep your pearly whites clean and your whole body healthy .



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Provided by Nadine Artemis of LivingLibations.com


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