January 20, 2017

Body Mass Index is NOT a Good Indicator of Obesity

Screen your body for muscle, not fat

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As you already know, for every effect there is a cause. But, many people seem to confuse the cause for the effect. As an example, you would think most people could tell the difference between a symptom and a disease, right? Yet, millions of people are tricked into treating symptoms as if they were the cause when they are clearly the effect. This makes drug companies lots of money because the root cause of the real problem is never truly addressed.

The whole weight loss industry is a prime example of how marketing strategies attempt to confuse people. It’s a classic example of the old smoke and mirrors, slight of the hand (or psychological distraction) trick. Sad thing is more people are joining the already frustrated ranks of consumers who are being told that their obesity is a disease. I know some people will disagree with me, but if you follow me on this, the more you read, the more sense it will make.

Perhaps it’s a simple psychological trick of the tail that deceives millions of people to accept radical assumptions about reality that have no real basis. I just hope we can snap out of the trance soon enough to stop a national tragedy from happening. The fact is the American public has gotten the short stick on the whole health care deal to begin with. Blaming America’s obesity epidemic on genetic determinism is not only an act of denial; it is a crime against humanity.

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Fact is your genes don’t do anything your cells don’t tell them to do

Encouraging people to take on a victim mind-set undermines their personal authority and betrays true intelligence. People need to embrace their inalienable rights to choose their own destiny, which includes choosing their own health regime. The new science of epigenetics confirms your health is a choice. Genetic diseases only account for about 1-3% of the world’s population, but Big Pharma and the World Health Organization would like to believe the opposite.

Your weight gain issues are not determined by your genetic inheritance. At least, not to the degree some direct marketing campaigns would have you believe.

Why does it seem that anyone that isn’t anorexic is considered overweight, borderline obese or obese according to the Body Mass Index (BMI)? According to the BMI charts, Mr. Universe is obese. It’s no wonder we have so many people trying to starve themselves to death to lose weight. A classic example would be that Michael Jordan?’ BMI was between 27 and 29, labeling him as “overweight” when he was in his prime. How do you think that makes the rest of us feel?

Since 1998, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes for Health (NIH), used these numbers to track the worldwide and U.S. epidemic of obesity. The intention was to establish guidelines for doctors, researchers, dieticians and government agencies that would be better than the antiquated life insurance tables to gauge healthful weight.

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After all is said and done, BMI is a screening tool, nothing more

But, even in our public schools this inferior BMI propaganda tool is classifying young athletes based solely on their height and weight. This is not only totally inaccurate; it is causing millions of young girls to feel unnecessarily self-conscious about their bodies during adolescence. These young people are at the stage of life where their bodies are changing so rapidly, that making any conclusions based on these limited criteria is ridiculous and damaging to their self esteem. This type of false science is largely responsible for the rising numbers of girls with bulimia and anorexia.

But, “weight” isn’t really the key. It’s how much fat versus muscle that really determines health and wellness.

There are better ways to measure your percent of body fat by

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